Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Assistants

Frequently Asked Questions​

There are likely many FAQ’s you will have regarding Virtual Assistants, most of which you will need to ask to a prospective VA, but to help we have pulled together some of the most common. 

When deciding on any service provider, it is key that you take the time to consider what you require, what skills or experience you are looking for, the amount and type of support and your budget. As with any hiring process it is important to discuss your requirements with a potential  Virtual Assistant, as you will get a better understanding and feeling as to whether you believe you could work with them, if they fit the requirements and skills you need and in turn they will be able to advise whether they are able to provide you with the type of support you require. Like with any selection process it is important to be clear with your requirements and top ensure an agreement is signed between both parties. Many VAs will have reviews and testimonials that they are happy to share. But don’t be concerned about speaking to several VA’s as with any decision making process you will want to compare and contrast to give you a level of reassurance that you have identified the most suitable VA.

Virtual Assistants come from all backgrounds and sectors. You will find a huge variety of knowledge, experience and skills within our directory, so it is important you are clear about the type of work and support you need. Some VA’s specialise in certain areas of business support, or are more techie then others, or have specialist skills such as Accountancy, HR, social media, content writing, or market research to name but a few. We have over 30 different categories to help you narrow down your search to help you find the most suitable VA near you.

Many VA’s will use time tracking software so they can monitor and manage there time effectively. This information can often be requested by the client if you wish to check. Alternatively it is advisable to have regular updates with the VA to find out how much time they’ve spent on a task, so you can assess workload and priorities. Some more common time tracking software applications that a VA may use are: Toggl,, time doctor, clockify, timeular.

There are several different ways you can approach this, however it does come down to personal preference.

You could approach task management in a very simple way such as to do list sent via email, or you could use a project management tool, such as Asana or Trello. Project management software allows you to set up multiple user access so you can share tasks and manage. It also allows you to you to add new tasks, and see the progress of work, most project management software have message options so you can keep each other up to date on the status.

Some key elements to ensure when assigning tasks, is to include deadlines, priorities and time allocation and any supporting information to assist the VA in completing the work.

There is no definitive pricing structure for Virtual Assistants. The costs of a VA will be dependent on many different factors such as how specialist the skill set is that they offer, their level of experience and background, amongst many other factors. But you will find that most VA’s work from two payment structures either hourly rates or retainers. Hourly rates are so varied and as with any service provider you get what you pay for, working with a VA is an investment in your business.

We do not verify reviews or testimonials within a profile. It is the virtual assistants responsibility to ensure it is accurate, factually correct and that they have obtained consent to list it. It is the responsibility of a potential new client to undertake any checks or verification they require before entering into any agreement of work. is a search facility and directory of virtual assistants.

We always recommend users of the directory searching for a virtual assistant undertake their own due diligence to ensure they receive clarification of all information, insurances and other required industry and necessary documentation relevant to your individual needs, prior to entering into a contractual agreement. Please ensure you read any terms and conditions or terms of business prior to entering into an agreement.

Finally be clear about your expectations, needs, time lines and budgets with the VA.

Virtual Assistant Near Me do not in any way either directly or indirectly provide any level of guarantee, recommendation or assurance over the work or service provided by any of the virtual assistants listed in our directory and or any engagement of services or work you enter into with a Virtual Assistant listed on the site.  

All disputes must be raised directly with the VA, and resolved between both parties (the user/the client of the VA and the VA). Virtual Assistant Near Me, does not act as a resolution or mediation service. All agreements entered into as a Client of a VA that has a listing on the site, is undertaken outside of the scope of the Service of the Site and Directory.

If you need to amend any details in your listing this is a straight forward process.


Log into your account and and click on Profile in the top right of the main website.


You will then go to your profile page, where you can locate various tabs to different areas of your account such as Posts, Listings, Favourites, Subscriptions and Invoices.


If you click on “Listing” you will see your profile show up on the screen as per the below picture. 


To the right of the 5 stars you will see 3 dots (the menu). If you click on this menu you will see options to edit, delete or upgrade your listing. Click on Edit and it will take you to your full listing where you can make any changes required.

Please ensure you click save after any changes.

If the image or photo you are trying to upload is larger than 4Mb you will not be able to upload it. 

We suggest using a resizer or compressor tool to reduce the size so you can upload. 

Here is one site that can help you make the changes:

If you are having problem  crating a listing or paying for a listing please contact us at